Yao Feng


GIS analyst


Yao Feng


With over 10-year filed work and research experiences, Yao has acquired a broad background knowledge of physical and human geography, and strong skills in geospatial data collection, analysis, visualization, Matlab and Python scripting, and GIS application. She is an effective communicator and is highly capable to participate in group cooperation and conduct independent work.


Teaching Assistant, Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada                                  2016-2018

o   TA of the course GPHY243 (Introduction to ArcGIS)

o   TA of the course GPHY346 (GIS-based Environmental Modeling)

o   TA of the course GPHY314 (Climate Change)

Introducing lab tutorials and demonstrating the application of software, ArcGIS, Stella, and Excel.

Research Assistant, Beijing, China                      2013-2014

o   RA at the China Academy of Urban Planning & Design in Beijing, China

o   RA at the Planning & Design Institute of Tsinghua University in Beijing, China

o   RA in two Key Projects of National Natural Science Funds of China (No. 41130534 & 41471073)

Joining fieldwork, preparing the literature review, data collection, and analysis, results demonstration.

English Instructor, Qingbeiqihang Educational Institution, Beijing, China               2014-present

Creating English essays for students participating in the National Entrance Examination of Graduate.

Student Activities Assistant, Xi’an & Beijing, China                                                     2008-2013

o   Assistant in the Department of Physical Education at Peking University

o   Psychological tutor at Northwest University

o   Assistant in the Department of Education at Northwest University

Organizing student activities and providing mental guidance for those in need.




Ph.D. in Physical Geography

Queen’s University, Kingston, ON, Canada.                                                                 2015-2019

Master of Science in Physical Geography

Peking University, Beijing, China.                                                                                    2012-2015

Bachelor of Science in Resources Environment and Rural and Urban Planning Management

Bachelor of Arts in English Study

Northwest University, Xi’an, China.                                                                               2008-2012


Computer skills and research techniques

§  Strong skills of geographical software ArcGIS, SPSS, Stella, AutoCAD, SQL and Photoshop; Matlab and Python programming; Microsoft Office software Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

§  The regression model, spatial analysis, time series analysis, neural network, correlation analysis, clustering, empirical models, ecological model improvement and simulation.

Research interests

§  My research interests cover vegetation dynamics (land use and cover change), climate change (air temperature, solar radiation, and precipitation), regional meteorology (urban heat island), terrestrial ecosystem (gross primary productivity of the terrestrial ecosystem), environment assessment (air pollution) and GIS application etc.

Strong passion for fieldwork

§  Participation in extensive field trips and academic conferences over 20 cities in China, Canada and USA during the undergraduate and graduate education and research activities.

Office manager

§  In charge of the daily operation of the office, e.g. the financial balance, device replacement, security issue, insurance claim, duty schedule, and recreational activities during my master and Ph.D. study.

Sports and workouts

§  Big fan of all kinds of sports/workouts, e.g. running, lifting, stretching, badminton and table tennis.


Queens’sUniversity                                              2015-2019

·        Ontario Trillium Scholarship (2015-2019, the Ontario Government)

·        Doctor Field Travel Grant (2018, Queen’s University)

·        Travel Award of the 25th International Conference on GeoInformatics (2017, the International Association of CPGIS)

Peking University                                                                                                                    2012-2015

·        The First Prize of National Scholarship (2014, Peking University)

·        The Second Prize of Conference Paper Competition (2013, the Geographical Society of China)

·        The Best Trainee in the 10th International Seminar on Climate System and Climate Change (2013, China Meteorological Administration)

·        Educational Scholarship (2012-2015, Peking University)

Northwest University                        2008-2012

·        The Second, Third Prize of National Scholarship (2011, 2009, Northwest University)

·        The Second, Third Prize of National English Competition for College Students (2010, 2011, NECCS)

·        Excellent Prize of School Essay Contest (2009, Northwest University)













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