omer kantarcioglu


GIS Graduate


I graduated from Yıldız Technical University in 2017 in Geomatics. My bachelor thesis was about visualizing the routes of Turkey’s domestic flights in three dimensions and analyzing the flights in terms of speed, time and length.

During my bachelor degree, I visited the Unites States in 2014 and 2016 as a participant of a program called Work & Travel. The experience greatly diversified my outlook on professional life and also my English communication.

In 2017, I traveled across Europe with an interrail ticket and found an inspiration to continue my journey. After my return, I wanted to return as soon as possible in an academic setting. I began applying for international master’s programs while enrolling at about R programming language and GIS.

Unfortunately, my undergraduate GPA was not sufficient for the various schools abroad. I then enrolled in a master’s program at Hacettepe University in Turkey, deciding to improve myself at home before applying again internationally for a PhD.

My university taught me and improved a number of key skills, such as GIS and Python, so that I can thrive in this career path. I educated myself further on Python via online sources and found inspiration to combine Python and GIS.

Thank to my advisor, I’ve chosen ACM GISCUP 18 as my thesis. I am developing an algorithm to find the upstream features in the spatial networks. I will incorporate Graph Theory in order to develop my thesis.

During my master’s education, I worked in a GIS company called Islem GIS. I started as a R&D engineer and I was in charge of the open source software. Most of my experience was with Geoserver, until my interest grew in open source. I’ve learnt PostGIS and QGIS. My time in the company ended due to the economic struggles of Turkey.

Afterwards, my application to volunteer in FOSS4G 2019 was accepted. This moment was wonderfully rewarding to me and I am looking forward to that conference and what I might learn from attending it. During these years of my life, I’ve independently chased everything important to me. But I understand that the proper next step in my life is to gain greater professional experience and learn what is only possible by working next to veteran professional GIS Analysts.

I am extremely enthusiastic about this position and am ready to start making meaningful contributions immediately as I improve myself personally and professionally. I appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back from you at your convenience.



Geomatic Engineering BSc. at Yildiz Technical University

mainly focused on GIS classes and excelled


Geomatic Engineering MSc. at Hacettepe University

Practiced Python and Graph algorithms, Remote sensing, photogrammetry

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