An insightful Analyst with professional experience in offering geospatial solutions to government and commercial clients in various domains based on research and analysis. Proven strengths in client engagements. Proficient in leveraging Geographical Information System and Remote Sensing knowledge to help clients gain a better understanding of how spatial analysis can benefit their projects. Strong interpersonal skills for communicating and presenting analysis results to clients. Applies an inventive approach to problem-solving which leads to the development of new strategies and product offerings while working with sales, pre-sales, and client teams on a daily basis.



• Software: Microsoft Office (Advanced Excel, Word, PowerPoint), ESRI products (ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, Spatial, 3D, Image Analyst, Deep Learning modules, ArcGIS Enterprise), ENVI, ENVI Feature extraction, ENVI Deep Learning, ENVI Crop Science, Sarscape
• Programming skills: Python, SQL & R (rudimentary)
• Device: Knowledge of GPS handling and data collection, processing
• Operating Systems: Windows, Mac, and Linux (beginner)
• Developing skills on AWS cloud through personal study



• GIS Desktop Associate Certified by ESRI Inc.
• Image Analytics Certified by Harris Geospatial Solutions Educational Services





Awarded as First Class with Distinction with 80.85%
M Tech Dissertation Aug 2014 – Jun 2015 Organization: National Centre for Antarctic and Ocean Research, Goa Project Title: Geostatistical synthesis of multi-resolution and multi-temporal elevation datasets for generating a novel DEM of Schirmacher Oasis and environ, East Antarctica
Gained experience in conducting research through literature review, processing and analyzing data for the project, writing dissertation report and preparing presentation which bagged the Best Presentation Award at MADICE summer school, Goa, India 2017

JULY 2009 - MAY 2013


Obtained 2.86 CGPA out of 4 (76% as per conversion system of University)
B Tech Internship Jun 2012 – Jul 2012 Organization: Bhaskaracharya Institute of Space Application and Geo-informatics, Gujarat
Project Title: Creation and Integration of Multipurpose Geospatial Database for Planning and Management of Natural Resources
B Tech minor project on “GIS Integration of Remote Sensing Data and Several Geophysical Data for Hydro-geological Exploration” has been appreciated by Jennifer A Rover, Geographer of USGS


JUNE 2015 - AUGUST 2020


Research Approach:
• Well acquainted with the research workflow and primarily used white papers, company reports and websites to conduct the research
• Developed and delivered trainings, webinars for clients, on various GIS concepts and products, Spatial Analysis tools, Model builder, Georeferencing, ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro), ArcGIS Enterprise, ESRI field apps (survey123, collector, workforce), Remote Sensing concepts- image analysis, drone & LiDAR data ingestion to processing to name a few in ArcMap and ENVI, based on their business requirements.
• Conducted research to do the proof of concept for a client and presented synopsis to clients, in-turn addressing their queries and demonstrating how they can be beneficial from the solution using their datasets and preparing the presentation for the outputs
Bringing in Revenue:
• Deployed at client site (Indian Space Agency), embedded in their team, delivered quality geospatial product service on ArcGIS Desktop and Enterprise. Played a key role as SME and advisor in the sales pursuit of bringing additional revenue- Enterprise license agreement and was recognized by “Pat on back” award and incentive.
• Educated clients in education sector on GIS trends, and emerging technologies and made a lead for business team to pursue which resulted in revenue generation
Demonstrating Leadership & Presentation:
• Worked with internal teams to provide a strength-based mentoring program and mentored the new employees joining the organization
• With my appetite to learn, I have been one of the key resources to pick up a new tool from annual product releases and present a case study in the ESRI India User convention, since past 5 year for which I was also recognized and it widened the client base
• Leveraged Online dashboarding, web app builder tools potential to develop interactive report summarized for client. Produced engaging data visualizations, presentations, reports, dashboards to bring data insights to life for internal and external stakeholders
Problem Solving:
• Educated clients on making and monitoring of the COVID dashboard. Also demonstrated the possibility with dummy dataset to create risk maps for transmission, susceptibility, and resource scarcity
• Assisted client with feature extraction process by creating rules segment, generate summary through remote sensing techniques and GIS suite.
• Implemented ESRI mobile apps using web maps for spatial field data collection and created a handbook for the client
• Identified conservation area for a threatened bird species by performing spatial analysis in ArcGIS Pro and bridging the data to R using ENFA statistical package which involved stages from consulting with user in ecology domain to take information on data collection to data processing to scripting to generate output reports
• Helped client in carrying out their in-house project with data management, checking errors and georeferencing client’s spatial data, converting bulk data from KML to geodatabase feature class using python script, performing image processing using modeler and visualization of geospatial content in 2D and 3D.
• Worked with a client to analyze the pattern of dengue fever spread. Converted raw data to spatial format and detected cluster using hotspot analysis and modeled spatial relationships and geographic distribution of dengue fever to study the pattern.
• Was instrumental in technical side of implementation of geospatial suite- ArcGIS Enterprise for Smart city project in government and commercial environment promoting the adoption of new technologies

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