Moein Zohary


Remote Sensing and GIS Analyst


Moein Zohary
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada • [email protected] • (+1) 226 3363678




·         +7 years of experience in Remote Sensing and GIS

·         Solid background in programming

·         Multidisciplinary and result oriented, capable of taking direction and displaying leadership and problem solving in developing situations -In-depth experience in many RS and GIS fields.

·         Bachelor degree in geomatics and master of science in Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Skills & Capabilities

Operating Systems:

·          Linux, Windows.


·          Python, IDL, SnapPY, C#, ASP.Net, Java, PyQGis, ArcPy, Pandas, GeoPandas, Scikit Learn, Basemap, GeoTrellis, PyQT4, OpenCv, Keras, Apache SystemML, PyTorch, Spark, TensorFlow, DeepLearning4J (DL4J), MATLAB, LeafletJS, Docker, Shell Scripting (Bash, Powershell)

Remote Sensing Softwares:

·         SNAP, ENVI, PCI Geomatica, ROI-PAC, ISCE, GMTSAR, Doris, PolSARpro, Stamps, NEST, COSI Corr, Open Data Cube

GIS Softwares:

·         Esri ArcGIS Server (version 10.x), Esri ArcGIS Desktop(version 10.x), Esri ArcGIS Pro, Esri ArcGIS Online, Esri Spatial Database Engine (ArcSDE), geodatabases, QGIS, Access, SQL, PostGreSQL, PostGIS, Oracle, MS SQL Server, GIS file formats conversion

Satellite/Aircraft Sensors:

·         Sentinel2, Landsat, MODIS, AVIRIS, AVHRR,

·         Sentinel1, ENVISAT, ALOS 1&2, TerraSAR, RadarSAT 1&2,

·          WorldView2, QuickBird, RapidEye, Airborne Lidar

·         Demonstrated technical and management ability in building data processing system/ calibration modules for NASA Lewis/HSI satellite data processing system.


Employment History
GIS Developer, ,         2019/01 – 2019/03


·         Crop Classification analyzing multitemporal SAR Sentinel-1 images by Deep Recurrent Neural Network.

RUS Copernicus technical user support,      2017/11 – 2018/12
European Space Agency, Brest, France

·         The acquisition, processing and analysis of optical and SAR satellite imagery for different land and marine applications.

·         Developing a software in python (SentinelSat, GUI with PyQT4) for automatically downloading, preprocessing and organizing collocated Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2, Sentinel 3 and CryoSat data.

·         Developing a software in python for preprocessing and visualization of CryoSat and Sentinel 3 altimetry waveforms (GUI with PyQT4).

·         Providing technical and scientific support for scientists working with RUS virtual machines.

·         Coding in Python for fully automatic water body extraction using synergy of Sentinel 1 and 2 Using SnapPy, Scipy, Numpy, Matplotlib, Pandas, GeoPandas and Scikit learn.

·         Developing a fast and reliable method for operational Sea Ice classification (4 Class); Comparison and testing of Deep Learning (Using Keras), SVM, Random Forest, XGboast. Coding in Python using GDAL, OGR, Fiona, Shapely, Folium and Scikit learn.

·         Sea ice drift from Sentinel-1 SAR imagery using open source feature tracking (Nansat, OpenCV)


Research Assistant,         2016/11 – 2017/09
University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

·         Data assimilation of Passive microwave, SAR and Sea Ice models.

·         Parallel processing and cloud computing

·         Big Data, Spark and Hadoop


RS & GIS Specialist,         2015/11 – 2016/10
Bio Monitoring by Remote Sensing Company (BioMoRS), Tehran, Iran

·         Drought monitoring using Modis and feasibility study of drought forecasting using combination of Remote Sensing, Artificial Intelligence (AL), Neural Network (NN), and Weather research and Forecasting Model (WRF).


RS & GIS Specialist,          2013/01 – 2015/11
Remote Sensing and GIS division, Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC), Tehran, Iran

·         “Design and development of a monitoring system for measurement, analysis and management of rice area, yield, and production in the Caspian plain, using geo-information technology” for Iran Agriculture Ministry:  In this project we used SAR data for rice fields mapping and combination of optical and thermal images for crop and yield estimation using SEBAL and METRIC algorithm to maps evapotranspiration, biomass growth, water deficit and soil moisture. In this project I was project manager of R&D and software developer.

·         Comparing estimation of soil moisture using thermal and dual polarimetric data.

·         Estimation of crop area and yield for Potato in Isfahan province for ministry of agriculture.

·         Conducted fieldwork for these projects including sampling soil and measuring soil moisture in lab, sampling and measuring Leaf Area Index (LAI).

GIS Analysts, Software developer        2010/01 – 2013/01
Remote Sensing and GIS division, Aerospace Research Institute(ARI), Tehran, Iran

·         Monitoring forests and natural resource system and modeling deforestation in Iran Using Land-Use Land over Change (LULCC) algorithms: This project had two part, long term time series analysis of deforestation and LULCC using Landsat series and in depth analysis of recent changes using high resolution images (Rapideye) and then modeling the future using GIS analysis and cellular automata.

·         Implementation of Fire Danger Risk System for Iran’s Forests: In this project I used IDL and ArcPy to automatically collect weather station remote sensing and auxiliary data, generated fire danger risk maps and finally present result in a web GIS portal. The presentation of result was done in joint effort with my colleagues using ArcGIS server and later I learned open Geoserver, open Mapserver and QGIS Server.

In this project we installed our server next to the receiver and I used IDL to converting raw MODIS data (PDS) to HDF, preprocessing, implementing three major fire detection algorithm, analyzing output, and finally sending fire alarm to fire fighters and authorities via SMS and email.

·         Lead in evaluating atmospheric calibration algorithms and developing atmospheric effects removal and radiometric calibration modules for satellite images in order to select best method for Iran’s situation for Iran’s National Geographical Organization. (MODTRAN, 6S, DISORT)

·         Conducted fieldwork for all of these projects including working with RTK and dual GPS for measuring changed area,

Other Projects

·         Pipeline rout selection from Bellanaboy, north Mayo, to Galway.

·         Wind planet site selection in Indiana state using modeling wind speed

·         Estimation of energy leak in buildings using temperature modeling and remote sensing data in Mashhad city for Mashhad municipality.

·         Manual of Satellite Image Correction, National Geographical Organization.

M.Sc. Degree in Remote Sensing & GIS Engineering  2010
University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran
(Equivalent to a Master’s in Remote Sensing & GIS Engineering, as determined by World Education Services, Toronto, ON)

B.Sc. Degree in Surveying Engineering    2008
Shahid Rajaee Teacher Training University,Tehran , Iran
(Equivalent to a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, Major: Surveying (Geomatics) Engineering  as determined by World Education Services, Toronto, ON)

Adoptive and flexible, Friendly and kind, Introvert, Result oriented, Independent and direct to the point.

Professional Affiliation

American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (ASPRS)

Job Related Training Courses/Certificates
Neural Networks for Machine Learning (University of Toronto)
Applied AI with DeepLearning (IBM)
Advanced Machine Learning (National Research University Higher School of Economics)
Neural Networks and Deep Learning (
Introduction to Data Science in Python (University of Michigan)
A Crash Course in Data Science (Johns Hopkins University)
C# Essential Training: 1 Syntax and Object Oriented Programming (
•                     C# Essential Training: 2 Flow Control, Arrays, and Exception Handling (

Learning ArcGIS (
Learning MATLAB (
Learning Python with PyCharm (
Learning Python GUI Programming (
Python Essential Training (
Building Deep Learning Applications with Keras 2 (
Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Recommendations (
Real-World GIS (
Learning SQL Programming (
Spark for Machine Learning & AI (
Docker for Developers (
Visualizing Geospatial Data with Power Map in Excel (
Machine Learning and AI Foundations: Value Estimations (
The Essential Elements of Predictive Analytics and Data Mining (
Building a Recommendation System with Python Machine Learning & AI (
Artificial Intelligence Foundations: Thinking Machines (
ArcGIS Pro Essential Training (
Exam Tips: Project Management Professional (
Windows Server 2012 Installation and Configuration  (
Data Science and Analytics Career Paths and Certifications: First Steps (
Learning QGIS(
Learning Python (
Learning R(
•                     Access 2016 Essential Training (

•                     Functional Analysis

•                     Data Analysis (University of Washington)

•                     Fundamentals of Digital Image and Video Processing (Northwestern University)

•                     Geodesign: Change Your World (Penn State University)

•                     High Performance Scientific Computing (University of Washington)

•                     Introduction to Data Science

•                     Maps and the Geospatial Revolution (Penn State University)

•                     Machine Learning (Stanford University)

•                     Scientific Computing (University of Washington)

•                     Statistical Inference (Johns Hopkins University)

•                     The Data Scientist’s Toolbox (Johns Hopkins University)

•                     The Dynamic Earth: A Course for Educators (American Museum of Natural History)

•                     The Caltech-JPL Summer School on Big Data Analytics

Windows 10: Administration(
Windows 10: Troubleshooting for IT Support (
Windows 10: Advanced Troubleshooting for Enterprise IT (

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8)     July 2007: First Prize of 2nd National Festival of Student Publications for “Determination of the Optimum Combination of Polynomial Terms Using Genetic Algorithm” published in journal of Geodetic (in Persian).

9)     Feb 2007: “Enhancement in Multi Quadratic Polynomials Using Fuzzy Logic” published in journal of Geodetic (in Persian).



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