Mo Amine




Mohammed El Amine Bouhmama

Adnec, Capital Centre, Abu Dhabi, UAE| +971 507393895 | [email protected]

Geo-Technical Solutions Associate


§  MSc Degree (UK), about 5 years of experience

§  Strong exposure to software and technology solutions (GIS and RS)

§  Developing business opportunities to maintain a sustainable and profitable business

§  Meeting clients, work on their requirements, solutions and consultancy in delivering presentations and demonstrations of products & services

§  Areas of business engagement are in solutions using ArcGIS products in various fields, satellite imagery analysis (ERDAS), ArcPAD & survey, data collection & processing, data analysis, maintaining Geodatabase and updates, presentations and demonstrations, training and supervision and RFPs response (bidding)

MSc in Applied GIS                                                                   September 2013 – March 2015

University of the West of England, Bristol, UK

BA in Geography, Urban Planning, GIS                          September 2006 – January 2011

Kuwait University, Kuwait


Work Experience

Account Coordinator                                                                                                  November 2017 – Until now

Khatib and Alami, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


§  Promote company services and products

§  Organize and conduct regular meetings with existing and potential clients base

§  Support markets identification and segmentation

§  Technical and Financial lead

§  Devise and maintain structured database/ dashboard for tracking accounts intelligence updates

§  Support development of marketing presentations and promotional material (brochures, flyers, etc.)

§  Plan, develop and deliver mass communication to targeted audience

§  Support development of proposals to clients

§  Maintain marketing materials/ library including company profile document up-to-date

§  Support administrative and pre-sales functions

§  Support company participation in events: conferences, exhibitions, etc.

§  Develop content for updating maps

Ambassador for the Remote Sensing Portal                                                  July 2017 – November 2017

Brilliant Remote Sensing Labs FZ LLE, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates


§  Acting as Business Developer, Sales and technical expert of BRS Labs courses and certificates in the UAE

§  Work closely with other academic institutions and industrial companies

§  Technical expert in presentations and demonstrations

§  Online sale skills by providing informative materials, demonstrations and brochures

§  Outdoor sales skills by attending the important and relevant conferences, events and institutions to provide more information about the courses


GIS Solutions Associate                                                                             September 2015 – November 2016
Openware Information Systems Consulting Co., Kuwait


§  Extensive skills in giving presentations and demonstration (preparing slides, maps, drawings, live demos)

§  Provide GIS consultancy and solutions to existing and prospect clients

§  Engaged with Esri partners to provide cooperative solutions to clients

§  Present and deliver GIS solutions in data management, ArcGIS for collector, maintaining data infrastructure, security & facilities monitoring in the aviation sector

§  Deliver GIS technical solution on data analysis using Esri Maps for Office for the Social Development Organization

§  Work collaboratively with colleagues on various opportunities

§  Working in a dynamic and fast pace organization to drive opportunities to achieve targets

§  Technical assistant on satellite Imageries of Kuwait’s future agricultural lands project

§  Writing material articles/reports on the specialized technology of the project

§  Participate in providing inputs to tenders and RFP’s for different industries & projects

§  Technical expert in the project components

§  Demonstrating the utility of live feed data in solving complex vehicle routing, fleet management and vehicle dispatch(Route Planer application and on Automatic Vehicle Location System) through ArcGIS Transport Analytics Solution

§  Providing GIS solutions in using CAD data to apply land survey analyses and demonstrate the integration of surveying devices to import CAD data into ArcMap

§  Collaborate with technological solutions partners to present the benefits of integrating ArcGIS platform with other systems; as in AtHoc (Alerting and notification)

§  Conduct various data analyses

§  Deliver data analysis of service area to produce maps and share services using ArcGIS Online

§  Providing Geodatabase management, data process & analysis, and creating visualizations in the telecommunication field

§  Deliver GIS solutions in Data acquisition, analysis, project management, organizing feature classes, uploading different types of data and update the current Geodatabase in the field of transportation

§  GIS solutions in managing geospatial data, applications and services

§  Data Migration, locating data from different sources and servers and migrating it to a new hosting Geodatabase. Verifying data and activating it to be read form the new environment

§  Improving support for Vector Tile Display maps of the Middle East and North Africa capitals for Esri Redlands

§  GIS Open source tools and community publications

§  Creating and publishing feature services and publishing web applications as well as web maps for data collection of Kuwait and Africa for a Non-Profit Charity Organization

§  Training client’s staff from a telecommunication company using ArcGIS for Desktop


Education Teaching Staff, Social Studies                               November 2011 – June 2013

Sultan International Academy (SIA), Kuwait


§  Regulated the introduction of Geography, lectured about the benefits of using GIS in Social Studies plan

§   Program director in providing reinforcement sessions in English language

§  Multitasking and accomplishing various tasks

§  Team motivation, developing plans, working on projects

§  Responsible of various administrative duties, preparing official documents, working on certificate of recognition,  and verifying quality requirements

§  Organized extra-curricular events to enhance behavioral and academic skills

§  Extensive extra-curricular activities

§  Included the use of technology in academia as in data show, presentation, geographical and Historical projects

Marketing Executive                                                                            March 2011 – June 2011

One Global Group, Kuwait


§  Management and supervision to the integration of VAS ‘Value Added Services’ with the telecommunication technology and media

§  Configured, tested and evaluated entertainment, cultural and educational services

§  Specialist in ‘VAS’ consultancy and support

§  Projects account management of Zain Kuwait, Zain Bahrain and MTN Yemen

§  Teamwork and support

§  Problem solving

§  Technical solutions consultancy

§  Client services and care

§  Strong communication skills between clients and third party companies

§  Maintaining strong relationships with clients, providing them continuous support, updates on services and proposals about potential profitable projects


GIS Technical & Business Experience
Khatib & Alami


United Arab Emirates

§  Abu Dhabi City Municipality – The Department of Urban & Planning Municipalities

Worked on RFP response of the Contractual Services for Geospatial Internet Services Enhancements tender

§  Abu Dhabi City Municipality – The Department of Urban & Planning Municipalities

Worked on RFP response and Presentation of the Infrastructure Framework Plan ‘IFP’ GIS Scope Data Collection, Gap analysis, Updating IFP GIS plan, Submit updated GIS Data

§  Dubai Municipality
Worked on RFP response of the Geo-Maturity Project) Subcontractor with Bayanat

§  Roads and Transport Authority ‘RTA’

Worked on Company profile and Resources of the Smart Track System Implementation

§  Sharjah Roads & Transportation Authority

Worked on presentation of the GIS Applications in Transportation

§  Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi ‘EAD’

Worked on RFP response of the Development of Integrated Water Resources Management Plan for Abu Dhabi Emirate

§  RAK Center for Statistics & Studies ‘CSS’

Worked on RFP response of the GIS System Architecture Design for Official Statistics Projects

§  Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation ‘FANR’

Worked on presentation of the Supply and Implementation of GIS Map Solution for FANR

§  Dubai Municipality

Worked on Presentation of the Urban Observatory

§  Environment Agency of Abu Dhabi ‘EAD’

Worked on RFP response of the Development of EAD’s Digital Service



§  National Centre for Statistics and Information

Worked on RFP response of the Consultancy Services for GeoSmart Permits System

§  Ooredoo

Worked on RFP response of the GIS Based Business Intelligence Solution

§  Oman Airports Management Company

Worked on RFP response of the Provision Of Indoor Navigation Solution (Kiosks / Web / Mobile) For Muscat International Airport

§  Ministry of Tourism

Worked on RFP response of the E-Concierge Application

§  Maintenance and Expansion of Emergency Management Solution

Worked on RFP response of the Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Support & Maintenance for ICT Active Equipment) GIS Scope Install and Configure GIS s/w and Oracle DB for GIS, Data Migration)

§  Port of Duqm Company SAOC ‘PDC’

Worked on RFP response of the GIS Technical Review and Consultancy Services



§  National Housing Company ‘NHC’

Worked on RFP response of the NHC Feasibility Study

§  Ministry of Municipality and Rural Affairs ‘MOMRA’

Worked on RFP response of Investment Map



§  Kuwait Municipality

Worked on RFP response of The Feasibility Study of Educational, Cultural and Leisure Center of Abdullah Al-Ahmed Street Project

§  Ministry of Health

Worked on RFP response of the Maintenance and Expansion of Emergency Management Solution

§  Ministry of Interior

Worked on Presentation slides on GIS in Environmental Police



§  Qatar Foundation, Qatar National Library ‘QNL’

Worked on RFP response of the Books and Way Finding Solution App for Qatar National Library



§  Kabul Municipality

Worked on RFP GIS Scope response of the Kabul Urban Transport Efficiency Improvement (KUTEI) Project



§  The Administrative Capital For Urban Development

Worked on RFP response of the CCC GIS Scope Geo-Database, Data Collection & Assessment, Data Migration, Design, 3D

§  Administrative Capital for Urban Development

Worked on RFP response of City Operation Center and City Services

§  General Authority for Suez Canal Economic Zone

Worked on RFP response of the Economic Zones Smart solution



§  Ministry of Water Rufiji Basin Water Board

Worked on RFI response of the Provision of Consultancy Services to Establish a Geospatial Water Resource Monitoring System in the Usangu Catchment


Côte D’Ivoire

§  Agence De Gestion Des Routes

Worked on RFI response of the Mise En Place De Systeme Intelligent De Gestion Du Trafic, in French


Nigeria Mar

§  Ministry of Interior

Worked on presentation of GIS Solutions





§  Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD)

Worked on “Supply, Installation, Commissioning and Customization of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Licenses and Application and Accessories”.


§  Kuwait Joint Operations (KJO)

implementing an open, readymade and modular Corporate Emergency Management Tool (CERT) to cover KJO operations to include its head office, oil fields and refineries


§  Kuwait Oil Company (KOC)

Geographic Information System (GIS) Esri Software Supply & maintenance Support Services


§  Kuwait University Sabah Al Salem university City (KU)

Consultancy, Maintenance and Support Kuwait University Construction Program. The project evolves supplying software and services required for the GIS requirements for the Health Services College for the Sabha Al Salem University City.


§  Ministry of electricity & Water (MEW)

RFP 1: Software Support & Maintenance Services

RFP 2: Software and Application Support & Maintenance Services


§  Ministry of Communication (MOC)

Implementing the Second Phase of the project Telecom Network Department (TND) for updating their network data and establishing an Enterprise Telecom GIS platform.



§  Dubai Municipality

Through the mother company Diyar United Company (duc) of Openware, we are the only GIS services and solutions provide for any tender won by the DUC in the GCC. DUC’s branch in Dubai won the project of (Makani Application Phase 2) to provide aspects that are more technical and support after Phase 1 was successfully completed.



§  Ministry of Finance (MOF)

The MOF released a tender of Specialist Recruiting Position, the client was seeking to recruit professional GIS work force to fulfill their expanding business and continue in developing the utility of GIS in the institution.


§  World Bank (international Organization)

Modernization of Land Management in Kuwait National Register of State Land


§  Well organized, oriented and prioritizing tasks

§  Strong presentation skills and live demonstrations

§  Be the technical and business expert in the project’s components

§  Keeping close and active relationship between sales & presales and clients

§  Communicating product messaging and positioning, features & benefits of key technologies used in the project to internal teams and clients

§  Writing reports periodically to update clients with the technological progress/project progress

§  Writing reports on the specialized business and technology of the project

§  Strong ability in handling pressure and work under stress

§  Always active and drive business forward

§  Participate in providing inputs to tenders and RFP’s for different industries & projects

§  Team work with different departments and disciplines

§  Administrative and technical solutions consultancy

§  Relations with governmental and private agencies, partners and clients

§  Involved in looking for business opportunities and partnership

§  Delivering solutions including (Dashboard, Online Services, Desktop applications, Field Devices)

§  CAD and GIS data manipulation

§  Web  AppBuilder (COTS)

§  Collecting various types of data and make Spatial and Network Analyses

§  Data Conversion and Cleansing

§  Excellent working knowledge of MS Office Suite (Word, ppt, Excel and Visio)

§  Survey Application configuration and use (COTS)

§  ArcGIS for Server and Portal management

§  Some programming experience Python, Java and C

§  Kapcite Solutions expert in Way+, Explorer+ & Projects+ (Geo-Location Solutions)


Training and Certification
§  Part of the Kuwait 8th GIS User Conference speakers team, Kuwait

§  ArcGIS 1: Introduction to GIS, Openware Kuwait, 2016

§  ArcGIS 2: Essential Workflows, Openware Kuwait, 2016

§  Presenter in a workshop on Using Model builder at Kuwait University, 2015

§  Building models for GIS analysis using ArcGIS, UK, 2014

§  Getting started with Geodatabase, UK, 2014

§  Working with Geodatabase domains and subtypes, UK, 2014

§  Creating 3D data using ArcGIS, UK, 2014

§  3D analysis of surface and features using ArcGIS, UK, 2014

§  Getting started with GIS, UK, 2013

§  Getting started with Geodatabase topology, UK, 2013

§  Python scripting for everyone, UK, 2013


§  Arabic – Native

§  English– Fluent

§  French – Intermediate


Personal Details
§  Nationality      :           Algerian

§  Date of Birth  :           6th December 1987

§  Marital Status            :           Married


Sept 2013/ Feb 2015

MSc at University of the West of England

Sept 2006/ Jan 2011

BA at Kuwait University

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