Michel Hawi


GIS / Information Management expert

Beirut, Lebanon

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GIS / Information Management Expert

– GIS skills: Geodatabase design / Implementation / Maintenance, Data conversion from multiple format into GIS format, Cartography, Georeferencing,
– Web application: Interactive web map application: ESRI Web App Builder, Mapbox, Mango maps…
– Analysis skills: Spatial analysis, Image analysis, statistics, charts and reports.
– Research: Online research in order to find and download external GIS and other data formats
– GIS: ArcGIS 10.8, ArcGIS online (web app builder), ArcGIS server, Portal, Tilemill, QGIS, Mapbox, Google Earth pro, Mango maps
– MS Office: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio
– CAD: AutoCAD, Autodesk Map
– Other: Adobe suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, Reader)
– Operating Systems: Windows, Mac
– GIS / Information Management Expert, Solidere, Beirut (2008 – Present)
 Design / Create and update the Web-GIS platforms using ArcGIS web app builder to fulfil the needs of our different departments (Lease, Infrastructure, Maintenance, Landscape management, Land-use planning)
 Supervise the field survey data collection, in order to keep the GIS database up to date
 Create 3D models using ArcScene
 Cartography: Preparing updated maps with charts, reports, and analysis results, using advanced Labeling & Symbology techniques (Occupancy rate, Damage assessments, Infrastructure analysis, Land-use, Sales analysis, Site activity)
 Data gathering: Online research for GIS data, Satellite Imagery, CAD formats, and others.
 Data review & Cleanup: using ArcGIS tools such as Topology, and geoprocessing tools also using recent Satellite imagery to overlay and check / update the data
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– GIS Analyst / Project Coordinator, Geovision, Beirut (2004 –2008)
 Worked on multiple GIS projects, in Lebanon, Jordan, KSA and UAE.
 Creating Navigable road network: digitizing from satellite images in AutoCAD map, converting into GIS format, validating connectivity and flows using Topology, entering roads tabular data from field survey
 Georeferencing maps based on GPS readings and Satellite imagery
 Coordinating with the developers’ team by providing the Geodatabases, also testing the applications and reporting.
 Coordinating Field survey for roads and buildings data collection, loading the data into the Geodatabase
 Data assessment: Meeting with clients to understand the data types they have, their needs and define the best way to implement the GIS system
– GIS Consultant, United Nations ESCWA, Beirut (2007 – 2010)
 Scanning / Georeferencing of maps, digitizing and converting multiple format data into GIS format
 Creating and updating the “Transportation Maps” covering all the Arab & ESCWA countries:
1. Integrated Transport System
2. International Railways Agreements
3. International Roads Agreements
4. International Marine agreements
– GIS Consultant, Municipality projects, Beirut (2007 – 2015)
 Data capture from multiple sources: Satellite image, site survey, available hard copy maps.
 Migrating all data into one Geodatabase
 Producing maps (land use, soil types, agriculture, transportation, housing, parcels, zoning…)
 Creating statistical reports and charts, based on the municipality requirements and needs
– GIS Consultant, CC Lebanon, Beirut (2013-2015)
 Converting CAD plans to GIS layers with Z values
 DTM creation from contour lines, for analysis purposes
 Detailed 3D analysis to calculate slope levels and cut/fill volumes for roads
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– GIS Consultant, EQLIM, Beirut (2014 – 2015)
 This project covered the Middle East and North Africa countries.
 Data acquisition: internet research, georeferencing, geolocation and digitizing in ArcMap.
 Geodatabase design and creation, resulting in 6 main datasets:
1. Transportation: roads, border points, railways and stations, sea ports and routes, airports…
2. Communication: undersea cables, landing points, towers, repeaters, transmission lines…
3. Oil & Gas: pipelines, terminals, fields, blocks, refineries…
4. Energy: power plants, substations, hydro-electrical plants…
5. Water: dams, irrigation, canals, rivers…
6. Population: density, religions, ethnics, ages…
 GIS Topology for each dataset to ensure the connectivity between all elements
 Creating basemap based on gathered data from many sources
 Creating and designing interactive web application via Tilemill and Mapbox
 Coordinating with the developers, preparing custom layers and tables for the application when needed.
 Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Mapper / Validator- Missing Maps (May 2021 – Present)
– Arabic: Native language – English: Fluent (speaking, reading, writing)
– French: Intermediate (speaking, reading, writing)
– Masters of Urban Planning & Design (2006-2008) Bircham International University
– Licence Technique en Topographie (2003-2005) Institut Technique Industriel Supérieur
– Technicien Supérieur en Topographie & Travaux Publiques (2000-2003) Institut Technique Industriel
 Geospatial and Environmental Analysis (2021 Coursera)
 Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere by GOOGLE (2021 Coursera)
 ESRI Lebanon GIS courses (ArcGIS server, Analysis, 3D Analyst)


  • ArcGIS web app builder
  • cartography
  • data analysis
  • Image analysis
  • QGIS



Masters' in Urban Planning at Bircham International University


Bachelor Degree in Land Survey at Institut Technicque Industriel Superieur


2008 - present

GIS / Information Management expert at SOLIDERE

  • GIS, Planning, Remote Sensing, Surveying
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