Keith James Seruyange

Keith James Seruyange

Highly motivated professional with hands-on experience analyzing data-sets and developing efficient digital maps. Proficient in preparing statistic geographical reports using spatial information obtained through complex analysis. Skilled in data capturing and integrating GIS with other technologies.

Adept communicator, able to transform strategic ideas and visions into reality through close co-ordination with management, stakeholders, and executives. Areas of Expertise include: Map visualization, Spatial & Non-Spatial Analysis, Graphic Map Compilation, Software-Specific Programming , Data-Set Evaluation, Environmental Assessments, Project Management, Operations Monitoring and GIS Database Maintenance


  • ArcGIS software (Intermediate)
  • Biome-BGC (Basic)
  • EIA report writing (Basic)
  • ENVI Classic (Basic)
  • FME (Beginner)
  • Google Earth (Advanced)
  • Python (Beginner)
  • QGIS software (Intermediate)
  • R Software (Basic)
  • SQL (Beginner)



MSc Geographic Information and Climate Change at Swansea University


BSc Land Economics at Makerere University



GIS Analyst at Dynamaps Geomatics

Utilised GPS equipment to gather and document location data. Monitored overall GIS operations and trained intern and junior employee while acting as branch manager. Enabled digitising of 100+ hectares of land and methodically classified parcel information by developing a Geographic Information System database for the Kampala Archdiocese Land Board.

Key Accomplishments:
• Increased workplace productivity and reduced paper waste by building digital filing system.
• Improved overall efficiency by creating a cataloguing system to track and ensure project advancement and completion in compliance with timelines.


GIS Consultant at CPCS Transcom Limited International

Employed remote sensing procedures and GIS to generate a report for repair and extension work required across the standard gauge railway. Used google earth and ArcGIS to mark all sections where railway lines crossed rivers, streams, and aqueducts as well as provided assistance with GIS tasks such as digitising and reporting.
Key Accomplishment:
• Acted as remote consultant, analysed the project strategy, and supported the team in undertaking various assignments of mapping existing railway lines in East Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda


Resettlement Action Plan Surveyor at Uganda Electricity Transmission Company Limited

Collected data and prepared reports for all disputes during the indemnity process of the project. Guided the National Forestry Authority (NFA) officials through forests while performing as a member of the team tasked with indicating and marking the path of the proposed power-line using handheld GPS. In-turn enabling calculation of compensation amounts needed to recompense the land, species, and trees affected.
Key Accomplishment:
• Increased operational efficiency by co-ordinating in initial planning of the construction of the Kawanda-Masaka High Voltage power-line, using GIS and remote sensing.


Cadastral Surveyor Trainee at Dynatech Associates

Supported survey crews in statistic assembly of cadastral/topographic assessments through the provision of numerous engineering and land analyses. Conducted preliminary surveys to identify existing mark stones, equipment required, and site location. Formulated and submitted the reports used to produce CAD drawings, collected resourceful information, and regularly updated software.
Key Accomplishments:
• Converted deed-plans, client data, and maps into digital archives which enhanced effectiveness and reduced interdependency in the workplace.
• Identified company loss and informed senior management to enable a revision of billing amounts.

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