Jesus Guillermo Vazquez Garcia

Jesús Guillermo Vázquez García

Paseo de la Caridad, n82, 5a, Almeria, Spain – +34 664 86 26 26

Dear hiring manager,

I’m writing to apply for a GIS internship. I believe my studies make me a good candidate.

I studied a bachelor’s degree in Geography from 2012 to 2016. I got an average score of 7,4 and some of the subjects were about an introduction to GIS and teledetection. During this period of time I received a comprehensive understanding of geography so now I’m able to analyse any map or territory that I see.

After that, in September 2017 I started a master’s degree in sustainable management of the territory. During the last academic course I really improved my knowledge about GIS and I became more and more interested. I especially worked on QGIS, but also on GRASS, RCommander and other programs. I learnt to solve tasks related to spatial analyse, interpolations, aptitude maps…

Because of my satisfactory experience in my master’s degree I decided to improve my GIS skills by myself in order to be able to work as a GIS professional. First of all I completed a couple of free QGIS tutorials and then I decided to do a master’s final project based on my work on GIS. So now I am working on this research which I’m due to complete in two months or so.

In addition to my final project I’m attending some online courses about Python. I’m aware of how important is to be good at programming languages like Python or SQL, so I’m definitely determined to do it.

Now I believe I’m ready for an internship which provides me with an ideal opportunity to get experience and to expand my skills. I believe this is something that I really want and I really need to do if I want to advance in my goal.

I hope my qualifications seem to be a match for a position and we can schedule an interview. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for your consideration.


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