Jessica Rutherford


Marine Conservation Physical Scientist and GIS Specialist

British Columbia, Canada


I am marine physical conservation scientist, with some six years’ experience in applications of GIS for marine geophysical hazard assessments and ecosystem/conservation planning and management. I am aiming to build my professional portfolio within GIS Mapping and Analysis, by generating online contracts that I can complete remotely.

With that said, for the past six years I have been working remotely on various GIS mapping and analysis project for universities and industry groups. GIS project work generally utilized applications of ESRI ArcGIS, with transferring data to/from Microsoft Excel/Access, Coral Draw and Google Earth, as well as various online platforms. Most recent contracts (completed in 2018) include working with the Canadian federal government, with the Marine Geophysical Research group of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan), and with the Conservation and Environment division of Murdoch University in Western Australia (contracted remotely for the past six years). Most recently with NRCan, I was contracted to research, design and document methods for determining mass wasting events for submarine landslides using GIS geoprocessing applications for the analysis of bathymetric and seismic survey data. This research was required to assist in developing model predictions for under water landslides and Tsunami hazard assessments.  Projects with Murdoch University involved a yearly biomass, nutrient and water quality assessment for internationally protected coastal estuaries, and a six month contract using GIS to determine social, economic and biological assets potentially impacted by climate and industry related activities on the west coast of Western Australia. This involved extensive digitalization, hotspot analysis and conducting interpolations of sample data and biomass calculations, generating various temporal and spatial interpolation maps and graphs.

Ideally I am available to short to medium contracts, with a special interest in marine and terrestrial conservation spatial planning work. I am open to discuss opportunities and capabilities. Please refer to my CV for your interest. In addition, I hold a Master’s of Science specializing in marine geological habitat mapping for conservation and climate change programs. I have over 10 years of experience working in the marine industry, complimented by research and industry skills in marine/terrestrial environmental ecology assessments, field data collection, technical expertise in GIS/remote sensing and laboratory processing for environmental ecology and marine geophysical data, as well as monitoring and auditing for conservation and natural resource management projects.

If interested, I can be contacted via email at [email protected] Please put “GIS Contract Opportunity Inquiry” in the subject line.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Jessica Rutherford

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