Hasti Andon Andon Petrosians


Environment Planning, GIS,RS


·         Research assistant in Mobile Sensing and Geodata Science Lab at Waterloo University

·         Master of Natural Resource Engineering- Environmental Field

·         Have a lot Experience in The Fields Of Geology, Monitoring, Remote Sensing, GIS, Time Series Data

·         Member of Integrated Coastal ecosystem Zone Management (ICZM), national project of IRAN

·         Member of National document for stable management of mangrove forest ecosystem, national project of IRAN

·         Member of “Determining the need of water supply of mangrove forest against Shoor dam”, national project of IRAN

·         Professional experience for +3 years as manager in the German-Iranian environmental company

·         Professional experience for +1 year as a GIS and Environmetal Impact Assessment (EIA) expert in different kind of projects

·         Over 4 years of experience working in the national project: change detection of coastal area during 30 years and analysis climate change

·         Have field work experience

·         Engineering Software:  RStudio, Arc GIS, IDrisi, ENVI, AutoCAD, eCognition,  Expert Choice , SPSS , Statistica , Terrset, VENSIM, FRAGSTATS, WRPLOT/ General Software: Microsoft Office Suite

·         Researcher at University of Tehran from 2016-2019 (part time)

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