GIS Consultant Spatial Data Scientist

Calgary , Alberta

GIS Consultant Spatial Data Scientist-Analyst

Ayman Ahmed – +1 5878898461 – +965 50107004 [email protected]

GIS Consultant spatial data scientist with data mining and science capabilities in spatial environment. Having more than 7 years in development and utilization of GIS in oil and gas industry and more than 12 years in GIS analysis, deployment and management. The spatial data backbone extracted from multiple spatial data warehouses including spatial vector data, raster data, LAS files and many more. The current scope is how to provide GIS as professional service through the development of the spatial common data model to take the role of the integration process between totally heterogeneous workflows. This spatial model should fulfill big data analytics dimensions in terms of volume, velocity and variability.

Areas of Expertise:

  • System Analysis & Design
  • GIS Consulting
  • Big Data integrity
  • Business Analysis and Process Modeling
  • Data preparation
  • Data modeling and forecasting
  • Enterprise geodatabase management
  • Spatial Data Management
  • Data Analysis & Conversion
  • Project Management
  • Client Relationship Management
  • Cloudera big data implementation
  • Pre-sales & Production Support
  • TIBCO Spotfire Data analytics

Technical Proficiencies

  • ESRI Certified Instructor for ArcGIS 1,2,3 version 9, Customize ArcGIS using VBA
  • ESRI certified 10.1 for enterprise geodatabase management

Tools & Data Models: ArcGIS 10.x, FME, ArcGIS Desktop Extensions (Spatial Analyst, Geostatistical Analyst, Network Analyst) ,Enterprise Architect, ArcGIS Server, Geo event processor, Python, AutoCAD 2002, ENVI, ERDAS Imagine, Geomedia,MS Office Suite, Oracle , MS SQL server, Open spirit, Petrel , POIS, PPDM, APDM, Finder

Languages: VB 6.0, VBA, PL/SQL, Python , R analysis

Professional Experience
Geospatial Consultant Snr. Spatial Data scientist Apr 2010 to present


Lead technical support and analysis team in providing and implementing GIS as professional spatial service for various KOC units including Fields development, Inspection and corrosion, exploration, drilling and deep drilling, HSE, emergency response, building maintenance…… units

Key Projects and Achievements:

Conceptualized and established the spatial risk model based on ERCBH2S dispersion model. The spatial risk model provides the capability of spatial management of EPZ (EMERGENCY PLANNING ZONES), PAZ (PROTECTIVE ACTION ZONE) and IIZ(INITIAL ISOLATION ZONE) consequence analytical zones for both calculated and actual analytical zones.
The initiated spatial model provides the capability of spatial management of ERP plan modules such as communication, ignition procedures, and evacuation procedures… modules.

Conceptualized the spatial risk model derived from PPDM modules. The case study would include the spatial risk common data model from well analysis modules and ERP modules to derive the spatial common model for communicating and integrating the workflows analyzed through the target models.
Spearheaded the quality performance indicator spatial surface derived from enabling the risk model in APDM template for pipeline management and maintenance.

Conducted the spatial risk model required for fairway play analysis based on the structural and topographic maps used by the exploration time.

Conceptualized and executed the spatial surface for well production derived from spatial model capturing the well productivity index, Finder data as well as on line production data from POIS and SKADA systems
Executed various customized geoprocessing services for advanced analysis such as customize and publish geoprocessing service for Inverse distance weighted interpolation method based on user defined date and gas value ranges, customized geoprocessing service for hot spot analysis.

Led Geodatabase administration for the enterprise KOC geodatabase based on geodatabase replica and versioning environment.

Directed and initiated of GIS technical support plan for GIS unit to maintain the delivery of GIS to KOC users as professional service based on the strategic scope for the analysis and support GIS team.

Drafted how to fulfill the big data analytics dimensions through the utilization of SCDM for the enterprise geodatabase development.

Led the plan for data integrity through Openspirit for spatial visual analysis between various business core systems such as Petrel..

Conceptualized and executed the data integrity layer derived from the analytical business logic layer for geodatabase development to support big data analytics approach.

Initiated and executed hybrid environment for Spatial common data model development spatial data base on schema on read while the analytical data related to heterogonous workflow extracted through big data analytics in cloudera environment including KUDU, Spark Streaming as well as impala.

Conceptualized and executed Proactive and predictive models for oil production strategic plan derived from SCDM spatial common data model concept using Spotfire for data visualization and analytics. The data logic layer could encapsulates integrated data models including POIS , Finder from petroleum, smart Grid data backbone , IBM maximo and many more in big data environment. Alternative predictive models created using decision tree, random forest and regression models in R created for more customization and controlling the independent variables.
Initiated and executed customized suitability model utilizing Analytical Hierarchy Process based on paired comparison matrix and validating subjective criteria based on consistency ratio and consistency index.
SCDM execution dramatically limited cost project budget related to workflows conflict and overlapping by more than 35 percent

Intiated spatial suitability model based on Analytical Hierarchy Process utilizing paired cmparizon matrix in case of categorizing subjective criteria for land reservation of new projects.

Esri Northeast Africa, Cairo, Egypt

GIS ANALYST/ SUPPORT engineer May 2008 to Mar 2010

Contributed in GIS System for the Egyptian government electric company administrating and configuring SDE for ORACLE 9i and Arc FM integration.
Analysis and design of GIS project for ETISILAT Telecommunication Company including SRS documents, functional requirements, use case and activity diagrams preparation using Enterprise Architect. The project includes schema design and conceptual screens..

GIS instructor at Egypt and Libya for the following courses (GIS Basics, Building Geodatabase, CAD & GIS, Remote Sensing, Urban Planning in GIS, GPS, Cartographic Design, Data Production, QA/QC, ArcGIS Schematics).
Analysis and design of various GIS data models for infrastructure utilities .
Maintenance and support of ArcGIS product with extensions as well as geo spatial analysis consultation for various Egyptian utilities companies and oil and gas companies

EPS (Egyptian Electrical Power Systems Company)

GIS Engineer Aug 2004 To May 2006

Key Projects and Achievements:
GIS engineer responsible for GIS data creation from various data sources such as paper maps and CAD files.
Spatial Customization and development such as creation of object model diagram derived from geographic low voltage network.

Education and Achievements
Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering (2004)

Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt

Author and presenter of number peer reviewed conferences such as IARIA, PADS, CIRED.

Nominated as one of referees and advised speakers in various conferences such as Pipe Line integrity management summit, GIS MENA, IARIA.




Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at Ain Shams University

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