Atilio José Zaldívar Ramírez


"GIS Specialist"

"Asuncion, Paraguay"

I am a Civil Engineer, and I have specialized in Hydrology, and hydrological and hydraulic modeling with tools such as HECgeoHMS, HECgeoRAS, SWMM, HEC-RAS, HEC-HMS have forced me to immerse myself in the use of several GIS tools, such as ArcGIS, Globalmapper and QGIS, as well as complementary tools such as Google Earth Pro.
Working with storm drainage networks for road projects has provided me with a good use of AutoCAD Civil 3D and its complement, Autodesk’s Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA). I am able to design and size sewage network projects. I am also a surveyor, and I clearly handle the concepts of geoid and ellipsoid, I use tools such as the Total Electronic Station and GNSS systems with difference correction and RTK. Tools for post-processing of points surveyed with GPS equipment will be used through correction difference with tools such as RTKlib, GNSS Solutions and others.
I make 3D designs for Lagoons of Effluent Treatment Plants and calculations of volumes of soil movement from field surveys with traditional equipment or with UAV. I am a drone operator and use photogrammetry software such as Pix4D and PhotoScan. In addition, I am able to download and analyze remote sensing data from platforms such as the, for the analysis of land uses, vegetation cover and for the generation of topographic data from Digital Elevation Models (DEM), from which I can determine watersheds and their hydrological parameters. I speak English with a bit of difficulty, but I read and understand well enough to understand instructions for developing technical work. I participated in a two-week course on GIS platforms at the USGS EROS in 2011 in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

  • Geomatics, GIS, Remote Sensing, Surveying
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