Anthony Sansone


Environmental Geoscience/GIS Specialist with English/Philosophy Background

Greater Pittsburgh Area

Anthony Sansone
409 Main Street Shippenville, PA 16254
Home: (814) 782-3854, Cell: (814) 221-5290
[email protected]

Willing to Relocate


  • Clarion Area High School, 219 Liberty Street, Clarion PA, 16214
    • Graduated: May 2009, Honors Diploma, 4.0 GPA
    • Advanced Classes: Honors curriculum, including AP Eng, AP Chem and AP Gov
  • Franklin & Marshall College, 415 Harrisburg Ave, Lancaster PA, 17603
    • Graduated: May 2013, Cum Laude, Philosophy BA, Eng Minor, 3.6 GPA
  • Clarion University, 840 Wood St, Clarion PA, 16214
    • Graduated: December 2016, Environmental Science BS with GIS concentration, 3.5 GPA


  • Critical/creative thinking, communication, analysis, organization, and writing experience from my Philosophy and English background (4 years)
  • Leadership/public speaking experience from being Captain of my college Quidditch team, college courses, and work experience (3 years).
  • Background in Accounting from college courses (2 years).
  • Background in Management from college courses and work experience (2 years).
  • Background in Business Analysis from college courses (2 years).
  • Background in GIS from college courses (3 years): ESRI ArcGIS 10 and ArcGIS Pro, ENVI, QGIS
  • Background in SQL query data analysis from GIS work (3 years).
  • Background in Geology from college courses and field experience (3 years).
  • Background in programming from college courses (2 years): C#
  • Background in web-design from college courses (1 year): HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Typing and organizational skills (15+ years).


  • Chess club 2005-2009
  • Academic Challenge Squad 2006-2008
  • Scholastic Scrimmage Team 2008-2009
  • Science Olympiad Team 2008-2009
  • Track and Field 2009
  • National Honor Society 2008
  • Franklin & Marshall Quidditch 2011-2013, Captain 2012-2013


  • Accepted into the National Honor Society, 2008
  • Graduated with honors from high school, 2009
  • Graduated Cum Laude from college, 2013


Dr. Yasser Ayad, Director of GIS for Clarion University – [email protected]

Dr. Christopher Hughes, Professor of Remote Sensing – [email protected]

Dr. David Merli, Professor of Ethics and Philosophy – [email protected]


August 2009/ May 2013

Graduated at Franklin & Marshall College

Philosophy Major/ English Minor

May 2013/ December 2016

Graduated at Clarion University of Pennsylvania

Environmental Science Major with GIS Concentration


May 2013/December 2016

Student at Clarion University of Pennsylvania

-Created GIS map comparing Florida election results between 2000 and 2016
-Found a database of registered Florida voters, used that database to create 2 GIS maps showing the spread of Democrats vs. Republicans in both years. Presented maps at NWGIS conference. Project was a collaboration with one other individual; I found the database and created the maps while he chose a color scheme and made the PowerPoint.

-Completed fieldwork mapping fault lines in PA, both GIS and standard
-This project was a group effort consisting of 5 individuals. All of us collected data and most of us helped draw the physical maps. As the only one with GIS experience, I was tasked with digitizing our map.

-Coded an experimental GIS program predicting deforestation in the Amazon based on trends observed through satellite data
-I collected all relevant data through LANDSAT and performed the analysis, however the actual program created to predict future deforestation was a collaboration with one other individual. Work was shared equally.

-Coded a website for a campus organization
-This was a group project consisting of 5 individuals. Labor was divided equally. I coded the layout of several pages, entered the information, and collected the relevant photographs.

-Created an interactive GIS tour of New York City with ArcGIS Online
-This was an individual project. I digitized several NYC landmarks and created the GIS tour with relevant information displayed on the side as well as information regarding the itinerary of a hypothetical tour.

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