Andrew Kelly

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Ottawa, ON, K2J 1J8
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A GIS specialist with over five years of work experience collaborating with scientists, engineers and programmers in the marine, soil science and environmental sectors of the federal government.  A diverse set of skills including programming, spatial analysis, GIS models, map production, remote sensing, and data management. Strengths include effective communication skills, and the ability to adapt to new technology.  Can work independently or within a team.

Professional Experience


Scientific Technologist                                                     October 2015 – present

National Wildlife Research Centre, Environment and Climate Change Canada

1125 Colonel By Drive, Ottawa ON K1S 5B6


• Analyzed 450 million hectares of Canada’s boreal ecosystem and updated it into an ArcSDE (Spatial Database Engine), created custom ArcGIS tools to automatically populate the SDE and ran compresses to ensure that it would maintain low numbers of instances.

• Developed scripts and models to analyze anthropogenic and total habitat disturbances throughout multiple caribou herd boundaries within the boreal forest.

• Created several ArcGIS Add-ins to improve the workflow for myself and colleagues when digitizing anthropogenic disturbances.

• Wrote Python scripts to help facilitate a web-map application that had several functions to it.

• Conducted field visits to monitor and adjust wetland-monitoring equipment which detected wetland change and biodiversity.

• Experience using a survey grade differential GPS to ensure accurate measurements and consistency.


Soil Information Technician                                          February 2015 – October 2015

Canadian Soil Information Services, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

960 Carling Avenue, Ottawa ON K1Y 4X2


• Team-lead in the update and further development of the Soil Landscapes of Canada (SLC) database. Updated from a vector based relational database to a raster-based database

• Using ArcMap, ArcGIS Server and ArcPy Python scripting applied QA/QC methods on complex databases.

• Team-lead on a data mining project using a combination of Python, GDAL, NumPy and Orange scientific computing packages.

• Developed a script for predictive mapping analysis on farm production in western Canada, using cadastral surveys within ArcInfo

• Position involved working on multiple projects simultaneously; requiring intense time-management, organization, and structure to meet expectations and project deadlines.


GIS Consultant                                                                          July 2014 – October 2015

Small Craft Harbours, Fisheries and Oceans Canada

200 Kent Street, Ottawa ON K1A 0E6


• Involved in the long-term strategy for the Small Craft Harbours program where I preformed analysis of the harbours that are suitable to be divested and identified factors that could contribute to poor harbour health.

• Collected varying spatial and non-spatial data throughout Canada to analyze each harbour’s performance and health and to determine harbours that are suitable for divestiture.

• Produced all maps and visual information needed for presentation.

• Developed several Python scripts to mass produce pamphlets for both harbour profile and Federal electoral districts using the ArcPy package.

• Created and updated an ArcGIS online interface to allow public access to information and maps.

• Generated harbour blueprints that analyzed and updated the AutoCAD dwg files and incorporated them into the Oracle database.


GIS Analyst                                                                         September 2012 – May 2014

Canadian Soil Information Services, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

960 Carling Avenue, Ottawa ON K1Y 4X2


• Created a Python script that populated a relational database of surficial geology for Canada.

• Performed QA/QC on several geo-databases using the topology ruleset in ArcGIS 10.1.

• Configured and tested a dominant/sub-dominant soil calculator using QGIS as a platform.

• Digitized, georeferenced, and populated databases/geodatabases of scanned maps, over 70 years of data.

• Predicted peatland areas using remote sensing applications such as PCI Geomatica.

• Collected and analyzed MODIS NDVI information across all of Canada.

• While working on Real-Time In-Situ Soil Monitoring, I would QC/QA the recordings through a Python script to ensure accurate measurements.  I then used a combination of other programming languages to dynamically create charts and graphs for ease of understanding in the government web-application.

• Updated and converted an AML project which inputted digital elevation models (DEM) and outputted slope, relief intensity and drainage density.

• Analyzed and updated vector and raster data for scanned soil survey maps.

• Geo-referenced images within Google Earth and updated KML code to utilize the geo-referenced image within Google Earth.


GIS Consultant (Work Placement)                                      April 2012 – August 2012

Canadian Wildlife Services, Ottawa


• Created a data model to transform vector-based data to parcels.

• Produced a geodatabase to store data, restricting the cache of information to within a user-defined schema.

• Produced a Python equivalent to the model that could be adopted by users outside of the ArcGIS environment.



  • 3D Analyst
  • ArcGIS 10.5
  • C#
  • CSS
  • ENVI
  • Geo-statistical Analyst
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Model Builder
  • Network Analyst
  • PCI Geomatica
  • Python (Several Packages)
  • QGIS 3.0
  • R
  • Spatial Analyst
  • SQL
  • XML



Diploma at Algonquin College

• Completed the 2-year General Arts and Science diploma program which included the one-year certificate program that examined environmental issues of global, national and local importance


Certificate at Algonquin College

• Completed the one-year post-graduate certificate program in Geographic Information Systems

  • Updated 4 years ago

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