Ajoke R. Onojeghuo


GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist/Consultant


Ajoke R. Onojeghuo (Ph.D.)


GIS Consultant/ Data Scientist, 09/2017 to Current

JOLEXY Environmental Services – Edmonton, UK, Canada

·   Requirement gathering to ensure that project deliverables meet client expectations

·   Analysis of satellite data, soil and water samples, using R and visualization using Tableau

·   Development of machine learning algorithms (Random Forest, Support Vector Machine and k-nearest neighbourhood) for image classification

·   SQL queries in ArcGIS to subset classified satellite imagery

·   Developed curriculum for teaching R and Power BI for Data Analytics and delivered lectures online

·   Web scraping using rvest and RSelenium packages.

·   Contributed to centralized GIS portal and ArcGIS database, correctly inputting data on the web and revising data on changing conditions

·   Collected, compiled or integrated Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, remote sensing or cartographic data for inclusion in map manuscripts

·   GIS app development using ESRI Survey 123

·   Leveraged skills in modelling, rendering and plotting to represent geospatial data using R and Illustrator visually

·  Open source GIS analysis using QGIS


Senior Remote Sensing Specialist/Data Scientist, 11/2019 to 02/2022
Solstice Environmental Management – Edmonton, Canada

·   Data Analytics and visualization using R (Ggplot2, Tidyverse, Leaflet, etc.) and Power BI

·   Improved data collection methods by designing surveys

·   Data collection app development using ArcGIS Survey 123, troubleshooting, and data cleaning

·   Analysis of remotely sensed data using R, ArcGIS and Google Earth Engine

·   Digital Soil mapping using remotely sensed Sentinel-2 data

·   Geospatial analysis of wetlands data using QGIS

·   Machine learning algorithm development for wetland mapping using remotely sensed data with a team

·   Developed polished visualizations of data from ice core measurements showing climate change over a 1000-year period to simplify complex results

·   Tested and validated wetland classification models for accuracy of predictions

·   Website and social media management/ engagement to increase online user traffic

·   Worked with stakeholders to develop grant proposals for indigenous communities


GIS Analyst / Data Scientist, 02/2018 to 10/2019
PLACE Research Lab, University of Alberta – Edmonton, Canada

·   Developed requirements for application of GIS to mapping indoor play spaces.

·   Digitizing existing layout maps of preschool centers for use in GIS

·   Map production and editing using ArcGIS and Adobe Illustrator

·   Contributed to centralized GIS records, creating and correctly inputting locational data on indoor play spaces

·   Analysis and visualization of social behaviours using R (Ggplot2, Tidyverse, Leaflet, data.table, dplyr, etc.) and ArcGIS

·   Created maps, charts and other images based on project-specific requirements.

·   Providing geospatial perspectives and GIS solutions to public health problems, report writing and presentation of results to stakeholders

·   Literature review on behavioural mapping and publication of findings in academic journal


Researcher /Teaching Assistant, 10/2013 to 09/2017
CLCR, University of – Leicester, UK

·   Data interpolation and trend prediction using linear regression models in R

·   Mining and restructuring complex satellite data stored as large tables (acquired at 15-minute intervals) using R and creating rasters

·   Big data analysis of satellite imagery using parallel nodes on high-performance LINUX CentOS (clone of RedHat Enterprise Linux) computer

·   Assisting in practical classes and providing unique coding solutions for data cleaning, modelling and machine learning in R/RSTUDIO to postgraduate researchers

·   Collaborated with the research leadership team to identify relevant methods of air pollution data collection

·   Geospatial analysis to determine pollution hotspots and causal factors in West Africa using remotely sensed soil moisture atmospheric pollution, and biomass burning data

·   Numerical modelling of seasonal transport of atmospheric pollution from a variety of sources across Africa using the NAME model.

·   Data analysis, visualization, and map production using raster, ggplot2, and lattice packages in R

·   Presentation of results to stakeholders in formats suitable for diverse audiences at seminars and conferences


Technologist/ Assistant Lecturer, 06/2006 to 09/2017
Geoinformatics, Nnamdi Azikiwe University – Anambra, Nigeria

·   Student advisor and results coordinator to undergraduate students

·   Teaching remote sensing and GIS theory, Surveying/Geoinformatics practical classes and instrumentation using Leica total station and differential GPS to undergraduates.

·   Demonstrating the use of GIS and remote sensing software (ArcMap/ArcGIS, IDRISI)

·   Gully erosion mapping using IDRISI and ESRI ArcMap

·   Teaching basic statistical analysis and programming with Visual Basic.

·   Organizing departmental staff meetings and taking minutes.

Ph.D., 09/2017

University of Leicester – United Kingdom, United Kingdom

Geography (Science) – GIS, Remote Sensing

Master of Science, 09/2011
University of Salford – Manchester, UK, United Kingdom

GIS & the Environment

Bachelor of Science, Surveying & Geoinformatics, 08/2005
University of Lagos – Nigeria

Higher National Diploma (HND), Surveying & Geoinformatics, 06/2000
Federal School of Surveying – Oyo, Nigeria, Nigeria

Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate, 05/2022
Google/Coursera – Online

Data cleaning, problem-solving, critical thinking, data ethics, and data visualization (presentations, Spreadsheets, Google BigQuery, SQL, Tableau and R Programming/RMarkdown)

Power BI Data Analytics, 05/2021
Edureka – Online

Introduction to AWS for Non-Engineers: Cloud Concepts, Certificate, 01/2019
LinkedIn Learning – Online

The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, 07/2017
Coursera – Online

Big Data Foundations – Level 1, Certificate, 07/2017
IBM – Online

Hadoop Foundations – Level 1, 07/2017
IBM – Online

Fundamentals of Visualization with Tableau, 07/2017
Coursera/Johns Hopkins University – Online


·        Onojeghuo, A. O., Onojeghuo, A. R., Cotton, M., Potter, J., & Jones, B. (2021). Wetland mapping with multi-temporal sentinel-1 &-2 imagery (2017–2020) and LiDAR data in the grassland natural region of Alberta. GIScience & Remote Sensing, 1-23.

·        Rasul, A., Ibrahim, S. A., Onojeghuo, A. R., & Balzter, H. (2020). A trend analysis of leaf area index and land surface temperature and their relationship from global to local scale. Land, 9(10), 388.

·        Onojeghuo, A. R., Nykiforuk, C. I., Belon, A. P., & Hewes, J. (2019). Behavioral mapping of children’s physical activities and social behaviors in an indoor preschool facility: methodological challenges in revealing the influence of space in play. International journal of health geographics, 18(1), 1-16.

·        Onojeghuo, A.O and Onojeghuo, A.R. (2017). Object-based habitat mapping using very high spatial resolution multispectral and hyperspectral imagery with LiDAR data. International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation, Vol. 59, 79–91 (Publisher: Elsevier).
Awards/Volunteer work
·   The Pomerance award for music excellence for contributions to music at the University of Leicester

·   The Panache Award for contributions to music in the United Kingdom.

·   Volunteered as the music director of the Leicester University Voices, UK


Professional Summary
Experienced Data Analyst/GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist with over 15 years of experience in Academia and industry. Excellent reputation for resolving problems and tailoring analytical methods to client requirements.

Address : Edmonton, AB T5T 7L1 Address : Edmonton, AB T5T 7L1

Phone : 780-292-0031

Email : [email protected]

·   https://www.linkedin.com/in/ajoke-onojeghuo/

·   https://rpubs.com/aronojeghuo/Google-Cyclistic

·   https://github.com/aonojeghuo/Portfolio/blob/main/A%20R


·   Result-oriented and experienced Data Science, GIS & Remote Sensing Specialist.

·   Hands-on experience using Excel, Tableau, SQL, R, (ggplot2, tidyverse, Rmarkdown, leaflet, knitr), Power BI, ArcGIS, and more for data analytics and visualization

·   Good command of the English language and ability to relay technical results in simple terms

·   Highly motivated manager with success in Academia, Industry and is known to work well with people of all ages comfortably




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