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Jobs in GIS & Geomatics

Canadian GIS & Geomatics Jobs

Frustrated with the same old job boards? Don’t be frustrated because there are plenty of Geomatics related jobs, you just need to know where to look. And do not look for all of them to be posted on the same site, it just doesn’t happen, so you will need to make a habit of surfing several different key sites (not all but more then one or two) – like the saying “All your Eggs in One Basket”.

Geomatics Job Boards

The large generic job board sites will definitely provide you with more exposure to your resume and allow you to find many more jobs, but chances are they will not be anywhere related to want you spent all your time in school working on and those years of building that great career related experience.

Therefore we have provided this section of our web site to promote and share sites and smaller more dedicated job resources that are directly related to Geomatics. – Started in 2004, we still only post Canadian GIS and Geomatics related jobs – also have a popular GIS & Geomatics jobs LinkedIn group where employers have been posting geomatics jobs and allowing job seekers to announce they are looking for GIS employment – They do not restrict them selves to only GIS jobs but also have Remote Sensing, Cartography and other Geomatics based jobs – lots of quality Canadian jobs in geomatics and surveying (you will need to sign in to get the details) – A large GIS dedicated site that has been online for 10 years (but mainly USA based jobs)  – this site allows employers and jobseekers to post, edit, & delete GIS related classified ads and resumes for free for up to 60 days

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse ( -Started in 1992, the GJC has  helped thousands of GIS/RS professionals find positions.

Other Job Board Sites

There are virtually hundreds of job board sites on the internet where you can find jobs and post your resumes for potential employers to find but theses are ones that have been known to be the most successful. If you know of any great ones that we do not have here and would like to share them with others then we would like to hear about them, so feel free to contact me with them.

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