The Importance of Business Cards

Posted by | August 19, 2012 | Career Advice, Job Hunting Tips

Geomatics Business Cards

Geomatics Business Cards

Business cards can sometimes be almost as valuable as your resume when it comes to tools available to you in your job search, and are not very hard to make or as expensive as you think to buy.

It is a good idea to¬†always have some handy, as you never know when they will come in handy, besides they are small and can easily be stored in your wallet or pocket. There’s nothing worse than making a great contact (which can often be anywhere), and then searching for a piece of paper to write your name and number on. Personal business cards project an image of professionalism and can leave a lasting impression, not mention your contact information.

Imagine yourself at a career fair or professional conference and you are making your way through the crowd of hundreds of other people just like you who are also looking for that next career move, they are all after the same jobs so you need something that gives you an extra edge over them. Having a business card attached to your resume can be handy as well, because many employers toss away a resume after reading it once because they end up being bulky after they have too many. If you have a business card attached to it that attracts their attention then it can persuade them to tear it off and keep it over your resume for future positions that the employer may have (because they can always contact you again to get another resume or arrange to meet again).

Another trick that many people do not consider is that you can write a short list of your skills on the back or a short blurb to what makes you special, so it actually can be like a mini resume, and is especially great for times when handing out a resume is not an option. Like I mentioned earlier your business cards do not need to be professionally printed (although it usually is better and often affordable), if you have a quality color printer and the right software (actually most software that you use to make your resume would do) then you can buy blank card sheets at a business supply place and make your own.

You can also get them printed professionally online at places such as that produce sharp looking cards at next to nothing prices, in fact you can also get some cards at VistaPrint at no charge. Perhaps you should try it for yourself if you have any doubts, just follow the following link. It will bring you to a wizard that will allow you to choose from various business card templates and enter in your contact information. Once you have completed and previewed your card (making any changes necessary) then you go to the check out where you only need to pay a small shipping and handling fee. Your cards will then be mailed out to you in less then a week and you too will be impressed by the professional quality of cards that you will have for next to nothing.

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