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Posted by | February 20, 2012 | Uncategorized, the Geomatics Employment web site provides Canadian with tools to help find GIS, Remote Sensing, CAD, and Mapping jobs by connecting employers with qualified job seekers.  It can also provide your business with a unique online medium for your message to reach a highly concentrated and specific target geomatics based audience, giving you the best possible return on your marketing investment. 

It offers highly competitive rates that are hard to beat with unlimited ad impressions.  Ads appear on all pages of the site.  There are different types and sizes of banners so if you are interested then please contact me for more information, as you have nothing to lose. Simply just fill in the info below I will get back with info and answers to your questions.

[I also run some other geomatics websites as well and promote you through the network providing a larger audience ]

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